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Feng Shui Today vs in the Classics

This article is about Feng Shui today vs in the classics. Specifically, how the majority of Classical Feng Shui consultants today assume they are applying the ancient powerful knowledge and formulas, but they are actually not.

Feng Shui contains extremely powerful Knowledge. Its use was only sanctioned by the Emperor and those working for him. The same goes for Ancient Astrology, be it Western or Chinese. It is a known fact that in ancient China it was tantamount to a death sentence to study mathematics required for Astrology or Feng Shui.

The majority of practitioners and students believe they are applying Classical Feng Shui, but that is not the case

Here is where the first crucial point comes up. As I wrote in this article, Feng Shui has spread pretty much all over the world over the last 25-30 years. Аs a result, thousands of people have learned some of the ancient methods. However, it was not until my second year of Feng Shui study when I learned that the vast majority of techniques taught today, which are supposed to represent Classical Feng Shui, are just a few hundred years old! I mean, the Flying Stars, Eight Mansions, etc. These methods are taught almost anywhere and regarded as being classical.

The situation, by the way, is exactly the same as with Ancient Western Astrology. I wrote a few years ago that there is still no Course on it. Ancient Western Astrology is over two thousand years old and not only has the most coherent system of Knowledge but also the most powerful methods. I am one of very few people in the world who is offering a Course as well as a Tutorial on parts of this Knowledge.

Why the authentic knowledge is NOT available to everyone

Getting back to Feng Shui, the question arises then: which are the oldest/ancient most powerful techniques and why they are not being taught?

It is a complex question, but what it fundamentally boils down is this:

  • This Knowledge can do great benefit as well as great harm. Also, being far bigger than any human being, when one dedicates themselves to it, it has the potential to change their life Path. What I am getting at is that one must earn contact with this ancient Knowledge. It has to be part of their fate, as shown by their horoscope/BaZi chart
  • Some of those that have deciphered the Feng Shui Classics in question, are not offering their Knowledge to just about anyone. In other words, you cannot buy these people’s knowledge. Rather, as with true Shamans, they have to choose you as their student, after sifting through many unworthy candidates. I know of cases of Feng Shui Chinese speaking practitioners/teachers who absolutely refuse to teach online. They want the student to travel and come to them. Or, even if some agree to teach online, they insist that they will only orally transmit the most important parts of the material
  • The Classical Feng Shui texts are in ancient Chinese.  It is different than modern Chinese and even if one is Chinese speaking, unless they take a course or have some tutoring, they would not be able to read the materials. In addition, there is no punctuation in ancient Chinese. Not just that, but even if one understood the words, the Classics were deliberately written in a confusing and cryptic manner. It takes YEARS of deciphering.
  • Very few practitioners have deciphered the Feng Shui Classics. Some of those that have, are not willing to impart their many years of efforts to someone else

How many people are willing to dedicate such effort, with no promise of success?

Summary of used Classical Feng Shui today

So to sum it up: the vast, vast majority of those modern Classical Feng Shui practitioners, who cannot read ancient Chinese or who have not had the great fortune of being taught by a real teacher, are using techniques which not only were not central in ancient times, but a lot of them were not even used!

Feng Shui today

Why Feng Shui must be used with Chinese Astrology

I come to the next problem, which, one could argue, is even more serious than the above one. It a known fact that Feng Shui must always be used along with Destiny studies (BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, etc). The reason for this is because of the hierarchy of factors in Chinese Metaphysics, which is something I will examine in my next article. The point is, when someone wants to maximize their destiny by using Feng Shui, be it to promote beneficial results or to ward off or minimize the negative outcomes, they will encounter quotes in the Classics that basically say the following:

Because the quality of the native’s horoscope aka the eminence of their Four Pillars chart is not as great, he/she will not reach their maximum without the help of Feng Shui.

Now, what type Feng Shui is meant by the Classic? Modern people, and I mean modern Classical Feng Shui practitioners, assume Flying Star and Eight Mansions, but is this so? Of course it is not!

Ancient San He (Forms) methods are meant. Equally importantly, the type of Feng Shui that is meant that can help maximize one’s destiny is the pure, natural one. I mean, real mountains, real water. I mean, hard to find land configurations. To spell it out loud, I do NOT mean living in a flat. I do NOT mean living in an overcrowded location, even if in a house.

The type of Feng Shui that is meant is also the one that Mao Zedong’s grandfather used so that his grandson would one day become a King/leader of a country! The examples for this are many.


In conclusion, unless one is fortunate to be properly trained in the most ancient methods of Feng Shui, and gets to practise this on an auspicious land that is vibrant with Qi, the magnitude of their results will be severely limited. Of course, when one adds BaZi into the picture, that is, that the vast majority of the charts of today’s clients are average in eminence, the end result will get further diluted, which is also made clear from the Classical works.

My usual thanks to this website for the great free pictures (A real mountain, broad land, full of vibrant Qi, where Feng Shui is practised with with powerful energy and one is working from the macro to the micro and not the other way around):


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