Chinese Metaphysics and Fertility Ptoblems s

Chinese Metaphysics and Fertility and Conception Problems

I wrote an article last year titled Ancient Astrology and Fertility and Conception problems. I recommend it to those who have not read it because they will see the ancient Western astrological approach for successfully having a baby. This article is about Chinese Metaphysics and fertility and conception problems. Upon reading these articles, readers will see that though these Destiny systems appear to very different, the approach taken is, save for Earth Luck, virtually the same. The fact that a clear set of rules must be followed, rather than someone’s arbitrary method based on “intuition, of course, should come as no surprise. After all, someone invented the wheel a long time ago and people have been dealing with fertility and conception problems since time immemorial.

Chinese Metaphysics and fertility problems: why it is key to take all three factors into account

Before I give the method of how Chinese Metaphysics deals with the problem of having children, I want to emphasize again the absolute importance of what I wrote in my previous article, namely that one must always taken the 3 Lucks together: Heaven, Man, and Earth.

A great number of professional Feng Shui practitioners, believe it or not some of them even in Asia, ignore Heaven Luck (BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, etc). Again, this often results in failure because they do not take into account that people having the same Feng Shui will react differently to the influences due to their differing natal charts. Yet, despite the failure and the incomplete job, these practitioners get their hefty payment and move on to the next case.

People of all walks of life have fertility and conception problems. What is interesting is that, due to the materialistic views promulgated by the media, one is led to falsely believe that having a lot of money puts them in a better position to have a baby compared to someone who cannot afford in vitro or some other expensive procedures. This is not true. Fertility and sterility problems show that, even with all the money and all the care in the world, even with all the desire to have a baby, there are external factors which prevent that from happening.

Why the having-children-problem cannot be solved by wishing it away or by being wealthy

Wanting something with all your heart does not guarantee that you will have it. This flies in the face of the New Age beliefs of creating one’s reality, which is something I have examined before. It is these external factors, known as the Fates, which are the subject of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics. Said another way, you need Heaven’s blessings.

Now, Heaven’s blessings, as shown by Chinese Astrology for this article, are comprised of two elements: the natal and the dynamic one. The natal one shows one’s chances of having anything in life, in this case children. The dynamic one shows the timing, that is, when one is likely to have children. It is clear that people who have fertility and conception problems have a natal promise for this in their BaZi charts. As a result, they need (external) help in maximizing their fate in this respect. This help is in the form of the correct timing for having a baby.

The correct timing includes both Heaven and Man Luck. This is because it involves the natal charts of the people in question as well as when to act, in order to have a baby, as shown by Date Selection aka ZeRi. Not only that, but Earth Luck must also at least not stand in the way. In other words, if Earth Luck does not contribute, then at least it must not obstruct having children. Earth Luck is, as I discussed, Feng Shui, the environment people live in.

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Chinese Metaphysics and Fertility Ptoblems

What is required to solve the problem of conception and the successful birth of a baby

Putting it all together, the way to have a baby is to take the maximum of the 3 Lucks: Heaven (Astrology), Man (choosing to do something about it and doing it in correct place, time and with the right person) and Earth (Feng Shui).

What this means is that for those that want to have a baby, their Four Pillars of Destiny charts need to be read. Again, this includes both people, for it takes two people to make a baby. Then the practitioner must examine the Feng Shui of the people’s home/s. This involves taking measurements with a compass, drawing the floor plan to scale and examining the external environment of the home.

To goal is make sure that no serious negative energy/Sha/ afflicts the home, with emphasis on the bedroom. Of course, one cannot afford to ignore the facing direction and the front door. I would also examine the sector related to fertility, namely Kan.

Then one must synchronize the indications shown by both charts in terms of timing before they can go on and pick auspicious dates through Chinese Date Selection.

How the obsessive desire to conceive may have unfavourable effects, especially when the time for this has not come

Finally, but very importantly, the Human Luck needs to be addressed further. It is a known fact that women in particular, due to their physiology and biological clock, are more susceptible to the stress and high expectations of having a child. This can, and does, negatively influence the end result by imbalancing them energetically and hence hormonally. Women need to really understand, not just register the words, that there is a time for everything in life. If the timing is wrong, the end result will either not happen or not be durable.

Wanting to have a child at all costs, despite a few unsuccessful attempts, is a sign that either the timing is off or it is not meant to be. It is only by reading one’s fate, as shown by one’s natal chart that this question can be answered. Remember, Astrology studies the Heaven’s decree. Chinese Metaphysics and fertility and conception problems can be solved, but not by ignoring the above. Worse, by fighting against these eternal principles, you are fighting against Nature. It is a battle that few, if any, can win, with those few coming to ultimately regret all the efforts they had made.

Factors in Bazi analysis for having a child

The Controlling/Power/Influence element for males and the Output element for females are the key factors to examine. The Hour Pillar is added in each chart, as it also represents one’s children. There are dozens of aphorisms in the Chinese astrological Classics but they require a high level of BaZi skill. Remember that the first thing that the astrologer has to when reading a Four Pillars of Destiny chart is to determine the structure it belongs to. Without that, one cannot determine the favourable and unfavourable elements. Without knowing them, one cannot apply any aphorisms because they are all conditional.

The thoroughness of the method for having a baby with Chinese Metaphysics

So there you have it. This is the complete method for solving fertility and conception problems with Chinese Metaphysics. Of course, other disciplines can be added, particularly Divination, such as Qi Men Dun Jia, I Ching/Yi Jing. They are secondary and tertiary though, and are subordinated to Heaven Luck.

Notice how involved the whole method is. Not all people are willing to take all the required steps. I have encountered people who have spent a lot of money in the hopes of having a baby, (overwhelmingly through in vitro) and have had no results. It is like they have got used to the procedure despite its repeated failure for them, and are unwilling to take another approach. Some of them may justify their refusal by saying that the Chinese Metaphysics approach costs a lot of money. This is clearly not the case compared to how much they have already spent, not to mention the negative health effects this has had on their bodies.

Conclusion on Chinese Metaphysics and fertility problems

Summing it up, in order to achieve anything truly important and life changing, one needs to consider and make use of Heaven, Man and Earth Luck at the same time. At the very least, they must make sure that none of the Lucks, above all Heaven, is obstructing what they want to get.

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