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Ancient and Chinese Astrology: Character Traits Not Psychology

This article is about the fact that Ancient and Chinese Astrology deal with character traits, not psychology. Unlike psychology, they are either true or false. Also, our character does not change.

Ancient Astrology and the BaZi type of Chinese Astrology contain priceless knowledge which cannot objectively be obtained in any other way. It is knowledge which was written down 1,000 or 2,000 or more years old and it will always remain valid because it is built on eternal principles.

In this article I will be focusing on the distinction between character traits vs psychology. Character traits are the province of Ancient and Chinese Astrology (I am not discussing Jyotish here). Psychology, on the other hand, is a very young discipline. Due the suppression of Ancient Astrology, it has received way too much undeserved attention. As Robert Zoller has repeatedly said, while psychology does have some value in helping people, it should not be mixed with Astrology.

The problem, as almost always, comes from lack of knowledge. More specifically, knowledge of the history of Astrology, knowledge of how Astrology was stripped apart from the majority of its most important principles and methods in order to be reformed to fit the current political, religious and social tenets. As a result, Astrology was reduced so much so that it became increasingly difficult to predict objective reality. With the advancement of psychology, once modern astrological practitioners in the early 20th century realized they could get away with unverifiable psychological descriptions and platitudes, Astrology sunk even more.

Character traits, NOT psychology

It is very important to distinguish between character traits and psychology. Since character traits play an important role in Astrology, they, like this highest science, are either true or false. The information obtained from them is either valid or it is not. With psychology on the other hand, well, just research “the Barnum effect”. I also recommend John Frawley’s book “The Real Astrology“, though what he calls real (cleverly using the Coca Cola advertising method) is an extremely stripped down version of what Ancient Astrology actually is.

character traits not psychology

Character traits with Ancient Astrology

It is time to give some examples. Please keep in mind that what I am sharing here is not some advanced, hard to get knowledge. It is information taken from ancient sources which I have seen hold valid for many, many people. I will start with Ancient Astrology.

  • People who have this X placement are very uxorious. Which planet rulers this?
  • Which planet signifies people who keep secrets?
  • Conversely, which planet signifies the revealing of secrets/not keeping secrets?
  • Which planet signifies the concealing of one’s deceit?
  • Which planet signifies arts of purification?
  • Another one: which planet signifies reproving the evil-doers, being harsh with opponents?

I can bet that the vast majority of astrologers reading this either do not know the answers at all or have to really think before answering at least some of them correctly. Yet students of my Astrology Rectification Course can easily answer these questions.

Character traits with BaZi

Moving to BaZi/Four Pillars of Destiny:

  • What placement signifies treating your friends better than your family or wife?
  • What placement signifies rejoicing at the unhappiness of others? For example, if you are sick, you would want another person to be somewhat sick as well, even if they are part of your family.
  • And what placement signifies people who get sick yet do not want to take measures, such as going to a doctor/healer, taking herbs/medicine, etc?
  • What placement signifies going against the established order, opposing your boss, being against the system, hankering after fame?
  • What placement signifies being chaste, orderly, not open to bribery, corruption?
  • And placement signifies thriving in chaos, being dictatorial, putting your opponents on the defensive?
  • What chart structure (for males) signifies being henpecked, having illusions about becoming wealthy without taking the necessary effort or having the necessary skills?
  • What chart structure (for females) signifies a woman under the control of her husband, a woman who remains behind the scenes after the marriage?

I can easily give at least 200+ such character traits from both Ancient Western Astrology and Four Pillars of Destiny.


Some of the astrologers practising modern astrology, who are interested in learning how to provide unambiguous information, may find the above extremely impressive.  That with this knowledge, an astrologer is able to provide, on a constant basis, such pure, specific information to the client.

Such is the power and scope of Ancient and Chinese Astrology. Moreover, keep in mind that while character traits play an important role, unlike the modern astrological branch which overwhelmingly focuses on the client’s psychological profile alone, there are other equally valid and objective ways to enter the chart.

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