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BaZi Chart Reading of Jean Baptiste Morin

In this long article I give a BaZi chart reading of the greatest French astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin. I provide a detailed BaZi chart analysis on the family, health, wealth, career, honours and death of this 17th century remarkable mathematician, royal physician and inventor.

“The Sun hardens clay and melts wax”. J.B. Morin

(In other words, the same planet or element can show a very different outcome in different charts). 

I have been doing heavy astrological research and these days the chart the 17th century astrologer and royal physician and professor of mathematics Jean Baptiste Morin (1583-1656), popped up. Morin is one of the famous astrological authors ever published, especially a foreign European one. Since any articles have been written about him or his chart, as looked from Western Traditional Astrology, I thought I would write an article on on him by doing BaZi chart reading.

What is BaZi in brief

As this is the first time I am presenting such type of knowledge and opening the BaZi section in my blog, I will just mention a few things about Chinese Astrology. BaZi aka Four Pillars of Destiny is the most popular type of Astrology not only in China but in Asia.

Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi is a little over 1000 years old. In regards to determining the peaks and lows of one’s life it is amazingly accurate, if not unsurpassed. It can also get into specifics in some areas, but not as detailed as Western Ancient Astrology, even though in some cases it is just spot on. This is not a contradiction as the two systems, from one perspective, have nothing whatsoever in common in terms of apparatus. On the other, however, Ancient and Chinese Astrology are extremely similar and give close results.

No planets are used in BaZi, even though it is based above all on the cycle of the planet Zeus (aka Jupiter) and also has to do with the Sun, Moon and the Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions.

There are 12 Chinese zoidia, called wrong animals, since the words for “animal” and “a Chinese zodiac animal” are different in Chinese. What is measured is the cosmic energy influencing the Earth and Man – the trinity of Heaven-Man-Earth. Whatever the rationale behind it, whether it signifies or causes as the Asian practitioners accept, this energy is extremely focused and powerful. In other words, its effects, if you will, are more strongly felt than those of the 7 planets. This is because the former is coherent, while the latter are not so much so due to having more significations.

Just as there are Lots – points extracted in the Western chart, there are stars – points extracted from the Chinese astrological chart. These “stars” are just names, they are not astronomical bodies. They are similar to the Lots and are likewise they are extremely powerful.

Also, there are the 10 Gods or 10 Deities. Again, they are extracted from the Chinese astrological chart and have nothing whatsoever to do with religion or spirits. They are just fancy names, as Chinese is a very poetical language and there are special phrases in almost any area of Chinese Metaphysics – much like a secret language.

The astrologer must determine the BaZi chart structure first

A crucial thing to know is that there are quite a few different types of charts in BaZi. In order to judge the Chinese astrological chart, the astrologer has to determine the kind of type it belongs to. There are about 18 types, each having variations. If the BaZi consultant makes a mistake when determining the type of chart, a significant part of his delineation will be wrong and many if not all of the predictions will be wrong! That is why, when uncertain about the type of chart, the practitioner has to check with events from the native’s life and see which are the beneficial/favourable/positive elements and symbols and which one are the unfavourable/negative ones.

One last thing, which is absolutely indispensable: Chinese Metaphysics – BaZi in this case – is utterly holistic. The astrologer has to examine and keep in mind at all times the whole life of the native. In this way, BaZi is indeed similar to Ancient Astrology (Hellenistic above all but also Medieval), but is really more pronounced and emphasized here due to the type of system it is.

Needless to say, what you will read is part of the classical method of BaZi chart reading. It is about direct, concrete delineations in many areas as well as specific predictions, exactly like the Western ancient methods. This BaZi life reading is NOT the pseudo, modern New Age type or creating one’s reality and changing fate, just because someone does not want to face the difficulties and, forbid, learn from them.

I would not dare taint the name of such a great person as Morin, not to mention a colleague, and use modern invented and simplified methods for BaZi chart analysis.

Jean Baptiste Morin’s BaZi chart

BaZi chart reading - astrologer J.B. Morin

This is the BaZi natal chart with the so called Luck Pillars. I have to explain that this has nothing to do with what is called “luck” in the West – something completely random which is impossible to know or study. The luck pillars are better called destiny pillars. Their analogue are the many timing techniques in Ancient Astrology or the Dashas in Indian Astrology. In other words, the BaZi astrologer can see the whole life of the native from here. No extra charts!

Details: 23 February 1583, 8.47 am LMT – local mean time, France, Villefranche 45N25, 4E43 – the coordinates used by Morin himself in his 26 books Astrologia Gallica (French Astrology).

You will notice that the Chinese, like other peoples, write from the right to the left. It takes time to get used to it but is definitely worth it. I strongly recommend that those who want to learn BaZi to write from the right to left as well. This is done least of all to keep in mind that BaZi is a different system, with different rules. As such, one ought not to confuse it with the Western or Indian Astrology.

Before moving on I suggest you copy the chart file and have it separately. In this way, you will be able to view it while reading this long article BaZi life reading article and won’t have to go back.

Determining the BaZi chart structure of Jean Baptiste Morin

The native is represented by the Day Stem – in this case Yin Wood. Morin was born in the spring. The Chinese New Year in the solar calendar starts around 4-5 Feb every year, and each season is also 3 months long. Thus Spring starts around Feb 5, Summer around May 6, Autumn around August 6 and Winter around November 6. Again, this is NOT about temperature or some northern southern hemisphere physical banality. This is about cosmic energy. Morin was born in the month of the Tiger. There is a lot of Wood in this chart and it is in season/prosperous. In other words, Spring is where Wood grows and is strongest/rules. In addition there is also some Water for support while the other 3 elements are weak or drained and controlled.

What this means is this is a strong chart in terms of classification. In fact it is too strong, but there is no way for it to become Dominant.

The favourable and unfavourable stems and branches

Therefore the most unfavourable stems are in this order: Yin Wood, Yang Wood, Yin Water, Yang Water, Yin Earth, Yang Earth. The most unfavourable zoidia/branches are in this order: the Rabbit, Rat, Tiger, Pig, Dragon, Goat.

The most favourable stems are in this order: Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yin Fire, Yang Fire. The most favourable the zoidia/branches are in this order: the Snake, Ox, Rooster, Monkey. The Horse would be favourable only if the Tiger is clashed (during Monkey years or cycle).

The Dog is mixed and is even more likely unfavourable.

BaZi chart reading of astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin

What this means for Jean Baptiste Morin is because there are too may rivals in his chart, (Yang and Yin Wood) which are born in season, his life will be very difficult and full of enemies as a whole.

And even though that natal condition will remain, the BaZi chart reading shows that Moren’s second part of life will be markedly better. This is when he will succeed in a big way and become very famous.

The BaZi chart analysis also shows the native will have lot of diseases and dangers, betrayals and setbacks. Morin will have to work very hard to achieve what he wants. Moreover, he will have to do that in an extremely harsh environment of fierce competition. Were it not for the help of some stars, Morin would not have made it because of the type of chart he has – extremely tough.

The major reason for this is because the rivals are born in season. Thus they are strongest and also have support, while there is only one useful major element present – the Rooster. There is Yin Fire and Yang Fire, but they are in the hidden stems. Besides, the Yin Fire, the Eating God is in a Voided star – extremely weak.

The most impressive feature of Jean Baptiste Morin’s BaZi chart is the Six Harmony Combination between the Rooster and the Dragon.  Also, the stem combination between the Yang Metal of the Dragon and the Yin Wood of the Rooster. Both of these can transform into Metal, BUT only when the right time comes. In other words, when Metal is strongest in the life of Morin.

When the native will reach his peak in life

Looking at the Luck/Destiny Pillars, one sees Yin Metal from 26.48 to 31.48 years as well as Yang Metal from 36.48 to 41.48 years. Also, the Rooster from 46.41 to 51.48 and the Monkey from 61.48 to 66.48 years.

Lily Chung in her wonderful book “Four Pillars of Destiny – Discover Your Code to Success” page 150 calls this Yang Metal Dragon-Yin Wood Rooster –“Different Division Heaven Earth Union”. This is because they are not part of the same column of the Sexagenary Cycle of the 12 zoidia and the 5 elements.

For the Same Division Heaven Earth Union she writes on page 147:

“Is extremely auspicious. It suggests a special skill, way of thinking or position in society”. It follows the delineation is very similar for the Different Division, especially as it includes the Day Branch.

One is tempted to say that Morin would reach his peak in the Yin Metal or Yang Metal or the Rooster. Said another way, he will do so up to 51 years of age. However, the BaZi astrologer must follow the rules and judge objectively.

2 ways of dividing the life in four parts in BaZi

The 4 Pillars in the BaZi chart divide the life into 4 parts. I have come across two types of divisions. In the first, each Pillar gives 15 years starting with the Year Pillar, the Month, the Day and the Hour. However, one adds the beginning of the Luck Pillars to the Year Pillar.

Therefore, in this chart the Year Pillar would last from 0 to 21.48 (6.48+15). The Month one would last from 21.48 to 36.48. The Day one would last from 36.48 to 51.48, and the Hour one would last from 51.48 to 66 48

The second way of dividing the life in four parts in BaZi has the Year Pillar – 0-17, the Month one – 18-35, the Day one – 36-60 and the Hour one 60-end of life.

The first method is from Lily Chung, the second one is from Joey Yap.

Neither of these rely on determining the length life. Moreover, what happens to the first case if the native lives more than 66.48 years, as in  Jean Baptiste Morin’s nativity?

I, of course, prefer to calculate the length of life using Ancient Western Astrology and then to divide the life into four. However, since it so happens that the 3rd Pillar starts at 36, it is fine by me to use the 2nd method of division. This is because Morin lived 73.7 years and thus the half of it is 36.85 years. As such, it is close enough to 36. In other words, Chinese Astrology shows that the second part of life in Jean Baptiste Morin’s horoscope will start then.

I must caution against using the method of dividing the life into 4 parts too rigidly and ignoring the rest of the chart. It is a useful method, but one must keep in mind the whole chart. In this case, it is made easier, however, because both the Yang Metal Dragon and Yin Wood Rooster are in the second part of the chart. Therefore Morin will reach his peak in life in terms of recognition and fame and wealth from 36 onwards.

Thus the Rooster or the Monkey cycle will be his most prosperous one. Of course, the individual years have to be accounted for, not just the cycles. I did so this when preparing this article on BaZi chart reading. However, I will only show this in the relevant and strongest events that I have chosen from Morin’s life. Also, keep the importance of eminence in your mind, as well as the mundane context. I will examine them later.

Adding the stars to the BaZi chart reading

Before delineating some topics in Jean Baptiste Morin’s BaZi chart, I want to include some stars. The proper way to do this is after one has determined the type of chart and the positive and negative elements, just as I did. Otherwise, if an intrinsically positive star turns out to be negative, it will negate or might even kind of reverse its meanings. This, of course, would be a big shock to the client.

Again, as I mentioned, the energy being studied in Chinese Astrology is extremely powerful and coherent. Because of this, mistakes are very costly. Just imagine someone investing their wealth or risking their business or health in what they are told is a most beneficial period. And it turns out to be the most devastating one, simply because the astrologer determined the structure incorrectly and gave a wrong BaZi chart reading!

I have selected a number of stars. There are about 200 stars in BaZi, like the Lots in Ancient Astrology. Therefore the practitioner must exercise discretion and separate the wheat from the chaff. Of course, there are the major BaZi stars, then the secondary ones and then the weaker ones.

Also, some stars are valid only if present natally. Others are valid only when appearing in the Luck Pillars or Annual Pillar – any given year, which is valid for everyone. The Annual Pillar is a lot like transits/ingresses. 2015 is the year of the Yin Wood Goat for everyone, but it has different meanings in different charts. And some stars are valid in both the natal chart and the Luck Pillars.

There are a few books in English that mention the stars in BaZi. Lily Chung’s book is excellent and covers the majority of the major and secondary stars. I will be using Ani Pesheva’s book, which is written in Bulgarian – “Chinese Astrology Part 1 – the Stars in the Four Pillar of Destiny”. Her book is a real gem. It is the only book outside of China to give the meanings of over 150 stars. All pages mentioned are from that book and I myself made the translation to English.

One last thing. As usual, I have taken whole chart into context. In other words, I have taken together all the information from the stars and the BaZi chart reading and synthesized it. Keep in mind that determining the positive and negative elements is primary and any placement or star can be strengthened, weakened or almost neutralized.

Selected BaZi star delineations in Morin’s chart

Jean Baptiste Morin has a star, which is not present in any English book on BaZi I know of. Its direct translation is “Culture and Melodies Star”. It is determined by using the Day Stem or Year Stem. By using the Year Stem – Yin Water – the star is the Rooster. Remember it is one of the most positive zoidion (branches) in Jean Baptiste Morin’s Chinese Astrology chart.

Here is what author Ani Pesheva writes for star 12, page 39:

It has to do with literature and writing, music and art, astronomy and astrology, physiognomy, medicine and psychology, culture and education, rhetoric, calligraphy and design”.

There is more about this star but this will do.

Morin was a medical doctor – medicine. He was a professor of mathematics – educator. Morin was also an astronomer, an astrologer. In addition, he wrote the one of the biggest astrological books ever – writing.

The next BaZi star is a complex one. It is based on the whole Day Pillar: Yin Wood Rooster. It is called The Ten Famous aka Accepting of Energy. Page 105-106, star 44:

“Easy achieving of fame”. Then it says: “…..if the native receives support from favourable elements or if the chart is a strong self, then they will have a valuable destiny.”

The next star present in Jean Baptiste Morin’s natal chart is the Widow Star (as mentioned by Lily Chung, also with Isolation Star). It is determined from the Year Branch and for Morin – Goat – the star is the Dragon. The Dragon is an unfavourable element for Morin as it is Earth and can also be transformed into Water when a Rat comes. Yes, it can be transformed into Metal with the Rooster but only under the right circumstances.

Here is the delineations for the star: number 23, page 69-70:

“Feeling of loneliness, melancholy, depression, a lonely life, not being understood by others, lack of harmony with relatives, people close to the native, colleagues and friends, separating from close people, loss of parents and relatives, widowhood, divorce, quitting a job.”

Before continuing with the BaZi chart reading, I want to add another star. It is something I was going to mention when dealing with the topics, as shown from the chart itself.

BaZi chart reading on the native’s mother and siblings

Jean Baptiste Morin’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart has what Lily Chung calls a Void Star – the Goat. The Goat falls in the Year Branch. It rules the grandparents, especially mother’s family according to Lily Chung’s book page 34.

As an added note the Month Branch shows the mother and her career.

So with the having a Void Star falling in the Year Branch, here is what it says: star 34, page 92-93:

“There is some void and decline in regards to parents and grandparents: the native has a weak affinity to them, separates early from the family, change of family and family name, lack of support from parents and ancestors, early death of one parent or both, bad relationships with one parent or both, the native lives far away from them (either travels too much or can’t be together with their parents).”

Also, siblings are represented by the same element as the self. If it is useful, they are called Siblings. If it is negative, they are called Rivals. Since my BaZi chart analysis concluded that Morin has Rivals chart or very strong chart, he will not have affinity with siblings, or be separated from them or suffer loses because of them.

Likewise, the mother is shown by the Resource element – Water in Morin’s chart. More specifically it is Direct Resource – Yang Water. Again, my BaZi chart reading determined it is very negative for Morin. Moreover, the Tiger, which is Wood, lies in the Month Branch – the mother. Add to this the Void Star and there are 3 indications of lack of affinity or losses or being away from the mother and parents. The latter is because the father is shown by the Wealth element – Earth. More specifically, Indirect Wealth – Yin Earth. It is also bad for Morin, but not as bad as the Water element.

As for events and quotes from Jean Baptiste Morin, I will be using his Book 21 translated by Richard Baldwin and Book 22 translated by James Holden. I won’t be giving the pages as it will become too tedious and long. In Book 21 you can locate them, if you have it electronically as well, by searching for “my”, where it will show – “Ptolemy” or my as in “my chart”. For Book 22 I have used chapter 7, so pages 23-58, where Morin discuses the SRs – solar revolutions charts.

Here is a quote from the translator’ foreword in Book 21:

“When he was 12 years old both of his parents became ill at the same time – his mother in childbirth from which she later died, and his father from a fever from which he was not expected to recover. During this time his older brother asked him which of his parents he would rather see die and Morin said he would prefer that his father should live. His brother repeated the conversation to his mother who from that instant until she died two days later wanted to disinherit him, and refused to give him his final blessing……Morin later noted that his sister received three times what he did and his brother even more than that.”

It hardly needs explanation – the Void Star the Goat in the Year Branch and the mother and siblings being most unfavourable to Morin, and the parent or both dying early or the native separating from them.

Moreover, in regards to timing when Morin was 12, since he was born in the 1583 Yin Water Goat year, 1595 was Yin Wood Goat year.

1595 parents and betrayed by brother

Absolutely fits based on the BaZi chart reading. The Goat – the Void Star is activated again (reminding that he was still under the Year Pillar till age 18 or age 21.48 depending on the method). Of course, Yin Wood is the same polarity as the Day Master, the self – Morin – which shows a male sibling or friend, from whom the native suffers that year.

What is equally impressive is Morin was in the Ox cycle and there was a clash with the Goat of the year and of the Year Branch – grandparents, ancestors. Clashes bring drastic events and accidents and changes.

I will give a few more stars and carry on with the delineation and timing of the major events in French astrologer Morin’s Chinese Astrology chart.

Diseases, danger of injury, accidents and death

Morin has the Lamb and Chopper Star, translated into English as the Sabre or Sword Star, as determined by the Day Stem – Yin Wood – the Tiger is the star for him.

With the Tiger unfavourable, it is even worse of course. Page 80, star 27:

“Danger of injury, operation and accidents”.

Ani Pesheva says that the influence of this star is stronger for Yang Day Masters but if there is Hurting Officer present in the chart then the star has great strength and brings disasters and injuries. It so happens that in Morin’s chart the star itself is sitting on the Hurting Officer – the Tiger contains Yang Fire – Hurting Officer, which makes it even stronger.

Another star present in Morin’s BaZi chart is the True Lamp and Chopper star which is again determined from the Day Stem – Yin Wood – and for him that star is the Yang Meal Dragon – present in the Hour Pillar.

Pape 86, star 28:

“This star is stronger than the Lamb and Chopper one. It means, injuries, devastation and accidents.”

Another star that Morin has is called the Celestial/Heavenly River and determined from the Month Branch – the Tiger, which for Morin gives the Dragon as that star.

Page 200, star 143:

“Danger of water disasters and drowning”.

Here is what Morin says about his life, from Book 21:

“…I have suffered from many serious diseases but luckily recovered because of good medical treatment. I have also been in danger of a violent death several times and was once very gravely wounded.”

“I have had several serious diseases which were difficult to cure and more than once was almost put in jail because of youthful lollies, at least ten times was close to a violent death and have experienced all kinds of dangers. Sixteen times I have enlisted in the service of others, which is a thing not dissimilar to incarceration or captivity, and have had many enemies through envy and nobles who treated me unfairly – one of which was Cardinal Richelieu.”

Looking for positions of power

In regards to his motivation, because of this eminent chart but very difficult life, Morin would seek to be in a position of power or influence. This is shown by the Power/Influence/Controlling element Metal being the most favourable in his chart. Since the Rooster and Yin Wood Rooster are the favourable stars, Morin will do it according to the descriptions of these stars: astronomy, astrology, education, medicine. Of course, the Yin Metal is represented by a knife, which is another indication that he might be a surgeon or a doctor.

Prospects of marriage

In regards to marriage, the Wealth element is unfavourable. It shows the partner for a male. The Wealth is completely controlled by the rivals. Thus the BaZi chart reading gives a strong indication of either the death of the native’s wife or short marriage and separation, or no marriage at all. Moreover, remember the Isolation or Widow star also – the Dragon. It also sits on the Wealth element – Indirect Wealth – Yin Earth, which tips the scales to no marriage. Morin did not marry as far as I know, and even he did, which I doubt, it would have been very brief.

Someone who is not versed well enough in BaZi chart reading, upon seeing the most favourable Rooster in the Day Branch (the Spouse Palace) would be quick to say the native will have a happy marriage. But that is not how BaZi life analysis done. Furthermore, as the native’s life showed – it is completely false. In addition, the Rooster is also the Loss Star. Since it is the Spouse Palace, this shows losses as a result of relationships, worry stress, hardship.

BaZi reading on children

In regards to children, shown by the Controlling element (Output one for females), the BaZi chart reading shows they would be of great use to the native and there would be affinity. However, early death or disease or a hard life is indicated as the Controlling element is out of season and weakened by the many rivals of Wood. Morin did not have children. Moreover, if the native had had children, it would have been after age 36. It could have also been even after 50, because the Metal is in the 2nd half of life.

In regards to health issues, since the Earth is very weak and attacked by the Controlling element Wood, the BaZi chart reading reveals that the spleen, the stomach, the digestive system and the abdomen are susceptible body parts and organs.

Since the liver has to do with the formation of blood and its cleansing and filtering and eliminating toxins, when Wood becomes even stronger, especially from Water, the liver or gallbladder will malfunction. Water controlling Fire (rules the heart and the eyes) will damage the heart. The latter has to do with the circulation of blood. This is an indication of blood problems or problems relating to deficiency or excess of fire – fevers.

BaZi chart reading: timing the crucial events in Morin’s life

Quote from Book 21:

“…around my eighth year it (Saturn) caused me to have the quartan fever……in 1616 it caused me to contract a serious and long lasting disease”

When the native was 6.48 years, so around July 16 1589 he entered the Yin Water cycle – Indirect Resource – highly unfavourable. I say the fever occurred either in 1590 or 1591 – when the native was 7 or 8 years old.

1590 is the Yang Metal Tiger:


It is the Lamb and Chopper/Sword/Saber Star – “Danger of injury, operation and accidents” or if it is the Rabbit – the most unfavourable imaginable symbol – the Negative God – then it is even worse:


Just bear with me and remember the next time I mention the Rabbit, when the native is also in a bad cycle, not just bad year, and what followed.

On July 9 1605 Morin sustained two very deep wounds due to a famous woman – almost bled out completely – close to below the heart and the middle of the left thigh. Taken from Book 22.

He was 22 something and had begun the Rat cycle – a highly negative element – cardinal Water and transforms the Dragon into Water, thus activating the Dragon as well and it is the True Lamb and Chopper one. “It means, injuries, devastation and accidents”. It is also the Widow Star but the native will not be alone in this period because the other reason he will suffer from females is 2 fold:

  • the Rat destroys the Rooster – in the Spouse Palace of relationships. The Destruction relationship means behaviour or relationships that are damaging to the person. It may be drinking or mistakes as a result of pressure;
  • the Rat is the Peach Blossom Star/Romance Star for Morin, as based on the Year Branch. The Rat is an external star. In other words, it appears in the Luck Pillars and thus the native is not used to this unless there are similar stars or type of charts. Morin does not have them. Quite on the contrary, he has the Widow and Loss Star. Therefore the native has to deal with this energy. Page 45, star 15:

“…it creates an invisible chemistry of fluids and attracts others to the native”. Peach Blossom also shows charisma and appeal to others, not just romantic and sexual moods and inclinations. Morin must have caught the attention of that powerful woman, but he does not give details as far as I know. As for the blood, the Water strengthened the liver even more and controlled the Fire – the heart.

Also, here is the chart for the day of the accident:

9 Jul 1605 two deadly wounds almost bled out - heart and thigh

There is another rival in the Yin Wood year of the Snake, which forms Metal and is highly positive, as is the Rooster, but that is not enough. The Water cycle is weakening the Metal year. Add to this the Yin Water Goat – doubly negative symbol, as repeated in Morin’s Year Pillar. These are secondary and tertiary indications though.

One can say that the Rooster day leads to self-Punishment due to the Rooster natal Day Branch, hence – self-sabotage, but I disagree with this.

The next event is: 30 May 1612 – excessive drinking led to a continuous fever for 6 months, jaundice – liver disease, dropsy (swelling of tissues due to too much water), taken from Book 22.

30 may 1612 jaundice and fever with too much water

Morin was 29 so in the Yin Metal cycle. It is extremely favourable to him, yet look what happened – Yang Water Rat. The Rat activating the Dragon again – no need to repeat. The Rat destroying the Rooster again – no need to repeat. See above.

There are 2 Wood rivals as well in this chart. On top of it, the Snake can’t combine with the Rooster but forms a Summer Seasonal Combination with the Horse and natal Goat – Fire.

So there is clash of Water and Fire. Again, the liver suffers and as you see – too much Water and Water controls Fire. What made it worse is that the favourable element Metal was destroyed and were it not for the favourable cycle, it would have been surely worse. This is because the Water weakened/drained the Metal and the Fire controlled it.

Receiving doctor of medicine degree

Next event: 9 May 1613 – received Doctor of medicine degree, taken from Book 22.

May 1613 – received Doctor of medicine degree

Extremely favourable chart. The Snake and the Ox complete the Three Harmony Metal Combination with the Rooster. The Tiger/Wood is completely controlled and destroyed and the cycle continues to be Yin Metal. Moreover, the Ox is what is called the Talent Star for Morin, as taken from the Day Branch – the Rooster. It appears in the year so is valid for this year and every time the Ox shows up. Page 65-67, star 21:

“If it is together in a given Pillar with Eating God, or Hurting Officer and/or Indirect Resource – these are good doctors and nurses, and also writers.”

Yin Water is Indirect Resource in Morin’s chart. Not only is the Ox sitting on the Yin Water, but it contains Yin Water as well – absolutely perfec. He became a doctor that year and years later served noblemen and aristocrats.

The most dangerous year of Morin’s life

Now comes the most dangerous year of Morin’s life – 1615 the year of the Yin Wood Rabbit. I remind the year is from Feb 4-6 to Feb 4-6. Taken from Book 22:

“….but several times during it (the journey) I fell into danger of violent death; and four times in particular in the greatest danger in life”

7 Jul 1615 – attacked while swimming in a river in Germany. Had a catapult thrown at him and almost got transfixed by a sword, because the foreigners thought Morin was a robber.

7 Jul 1615 – attacked while swimming

The BaZi chart reading showed that the Rabbit is by far the most dangerous symbol of all in the native’s horoscope. This is because not only does it complete the Spring Wood Seasonal Combination with the Tiger and the Dragon, but the Rabbit becomes strong enough to clash the Rooster. The latter is the Useful God in Morin’s chart – the most favourable symbol.

On top of it, the Rabbit is sitting on Yin Wood, which another rival. The month is the Yang Water Horse, which further weakenes the Metal.  The day is Yin Fire Pig. It adds to the Wood by wanting to combine with the Rabbit and Goat or with the Tiger. Or its inherent element is Water – bad in every case. Who needs the Yang Water combining away the Yin Fire into even more Wood after these horrendous indications?! Again, the Dragon is activated, and remember it signifies “Danger of drowning or water disasters”.

What is even worse is that Morin was in the Pig cycle. Again, the Pig is inherent Water, or much more likely Wood, due to the Rabbit and Goat or Tiger – Three Harmony or Six Harmony Combination.

The native’s year is not over yet!

1 January 1616 – suffered from a psychic attack from a very powerful witch and fortune teller. The native almost drowned with horse. 2 other men almost died as well, because they too refused lodging at this woman’s place.

Morin says:

“….for I was truly freed (from it – the danger) in a miraculous manner; neither I, nor my horse, nor anyone mortal could have freed me or the horse from a fall that had already begun and from (subsequent) death.”

1 Jan 1616 suffered from a psychic attack – almost drowned

That is almost as bad as it gets. The Rat wants to combine with the Dragon to make Water and further drain the Metal after the Wood Seasonal Combination is really draining it. On top of, the Rat destroys the Rooster – the native’s most favourable symbol.

I remind that the Rat is the Peach Blossom Star and the Rooster sits in the Spouse Palace –broken romance literally or separation and facing the consequences.

To dig deeper, the Rat sits on the Indirect Resource – Yin Water. Indirect Resource represents magicians, fortune tellers, alchemists, Astrology, Feng Shui, energy healing etc. That is absolutely amazing!

If it had Direct Resource, the meaning, of course, would be somewhat different. Nevertheless, there would still be the issue of romance and appeal. Thus there is a double whammy. In fact, it is a triple indication, because the Spouse Palace is destroyed.

Note that the Yin Wood Rooster is the day of birth. The Chinese have a special term for this type of thing. I mean, when the natal Day Branch repeats, which happens every 60 days or months or years, it can be very dangerous or deadly. Of course, in Morin’s horoscope it is the most favourable symbol and really protected Morin, otherwise he would have suffered even more.

Next event, from Book 22:

16 April 1616 – a great and malign illness

16 April 1616 – a great and malign illness

Note what happens. It is a Dragon year, activating the natal Dragon and creating a self-Punishment. To make it worse, there is another Dragon in the month and the day is another Earth symbol – the Goat. In other words, the rivals are fighting for the Wealth element Earth and the native suffers a lot. As a result, Morin got sick. Note that the Dragon contains another rival – Yin Wood.

A major astrological prediction won him fame

Next event, taken from Book 21:

“Morin later predicted that in the year 1617 his employer, the Bishop of Boulogne, would be arrested and imprisoned”. When this actually occurred, it won Morin a certain fame and he began to be consulted by the high born and the important, including Queen Marie de Medicis herself.”


Morin had taken up studying Astrology by that time. He was in the Pig cycle – its major element is Water – the Resource element of knowledge.

Look closely what happens. The Snake combines with the Rooster and is thus protected from the clash of the Pig. The Partial Three Harmony Metal combination strengthens Metal and helps control the Wood. Metal being the Power element and the useful one – the native finds himself in the company of men of power and influence and benefits. Of course, remember what the Roooster signifies via the 2 stars – fame, astrology, astronomy, writing etc.

Moreover, the Snake is the Travelling Horse Star, as taken from the Year Branch – the Goat. What it means is – page 57, star 18:

“Change of employment, relocating or many journeys”.

Morin did not change his profession yet, just wait until the next year of the Snake. But he did gain clients and sort of a part time job if you will – doing astrological delineations and predictions.

Becoming a physician

Next event, from Book 22:

1621 – made regular physician to the Duke of Luxembourg – had to be great success, but he says “was not a fortunate one for me. I worked a field that was sterile and ungrateful.”


On top of it, he was in the Yang Metal cycle – an extremely powerful combination. The Yang Metal could easily then combine away the Yin Wood and turn it into Metal.

What is the problem then, why was Morin dissatisfied?

Well, first of all you have to realize he wrote the 26 books decades later, that is, Morin had reached his peak and become truly famous and had wealth. Thus, it is easy not to appreciate what he had back then compared to what followed.

The second factor is that this being his most powerful symbol, the Rooster is activated again, and the native wants to achieve fame and to educate and write and practise medicine or astronomy etc. However, the field medicine, as he says, is sterile and ungrateful. Again, he was a professional and highly qualified, it is just his destiny is not to be a doctor but an astrologer and an astronomer. I don’t want to digress by including Western Ancient Astrology, but Jean Baptiste Morin’s Kurios, Ruler of the chart – the planet speaking about the native’s overall life path and one’s destiny – is Hermes aka Mercury. It rules Astrology, astronomy, the scientist and writer. It is that Hermes culminates from the Lot of Fortune, not Ares aka Mars (the doctor, surgeon, warrior etc), which rules his Ascendant.

Becoming a professor of mathematics

Next event, taken from Book 21:

“In 1629, the Queen interceded with the King on behalf of Morin who had applied for appointment to the chair of mathematics at the College de France, and in September of that year he left the service of the Duke of Luxembourg and took up his duties as professor of mathematics.”

Sep 1629

Do these look familiar? The fame, education, astronomy star and the Travelling Horse – change of employment and relocation star. There is no need to comment really – the BaZi chart reading fits perfectly.

However, Morin had just entered the Yin Earth cycle in July 1629 – an unfavourable cycle. This is because even if it were possible to combine away the Yang Wood, there are other rivals which would attack Wealth and the native will suffer. Yes, if it happened before 7 Sep it would be the Monkey month – Metal again, but I very strongly doubt it did.

Inventing the longitudes method and his prize taken away due to secret enemies

Next event:

1634 – Invented the longitudes method and was awarded on 30th Mar but 10 days later the prize was taken away due to enemies. Taken from Book 22:

invented the longitudes method and was awarded on 30th Mar 1634

The Yin Fire and the Dog, at least partially, provided it combines to make a Partial Three Harmony Combination with the Tiger, are favourable. The others are the likely suspects – the nemesis Rabbit completing the Wood Seasonal Combination and the Rat destroying the Rooster.

What is even worse is Morin was 51.11 years old. Thus he is still in the Yin Earth cycle. Can he win that major award then? Most definitely not! Keep in mind this was kind of a revolutionary discovery or improvement of a method developed over 100 years ago. I remind that the Wood shows friends and what is called Rob Wealth deity – the native loses wealth because of friends. They appear to be on his side, but are fair weather and abandon him and take advantage. Moreover, the cycle itself is Indirect Wealth. Where did it go? It went to the pockets of Morin’s enemies of course, at his expense.

Long illness for the native + the death of Morin’s biggest enemy

Next event:

2 Nov 1642 – contracted a long illness – swelling and pain in the spleen which released urine in a flood, taken from Book 22.

2 Nov 1642 ilness – swelling and pain in the spleen

What happened was the Earth, ruling the spleen was imbalanced. It was either, and much more likely, too weakened by the Rooster. The latter fed the Water and affected the kidneys – urinating. Or the Earth got too strong as a result of the Horse transforming the Tiger into Fire and making a bridge to feed the Earth – Wood feeding the Fire and the Fire the Earth. The Dog gave even more Fire and completed the Three Harmony Fire Combination and the Yin Fire Goat supported the Earth.

In any case, that is not as deadly as the others, because the native is in an excellent cycle – namely the Rooster. The reason why it is so serious is because the native is pushing age 60, and by that time the energy attacks more naturally the health and not other aspects of the native’s life. In addition, recuperation is slower.

Next event, which is absolutely crucial – 4 Dec 1642 death of Cardinal Richelieu:

4 Dec 1642 death of cardinal Richelieu

Just note that the day is Yin Earth Rabbit the nemesis in Morin’s natal chart, because it completes the Spring Wood Seasonal Combination and clashes away the Rooster. Now, Cardinal Richelieu is a boss, a person of great power and influence, thus shown by the Power/Controlling/Influence element in Morin’s chart – Metal. So what happened as you see is the Wood was so strong, and supported by the Pig and feeding the Horse – Fire, that it completely drained the Metal – Metal was incapacitated.

The absolute irony of fate is that the man who deprived Morin unjustly and most probably humiliated or abused him in other cases, died from the most negative symbol possible in Morin’s chart.

Here is Cardinal Richelieu’s Four Pillars aka BaZi chart (9 Sep 1585, 9.28 am LMT, France, Chinon 47N10, 0E15, or Paris with 48N52 2E20, but barely makes a difference in the Chinese chart):

BaZi chart reading - Cardinal Richelieu

I will be very brief with the BaZi chart reading of Cardinal Richelieu. He is a strong self with rivals. Thus he also has a Rivals chart, which needs the Controlling element. However, notice that the rivals are now out of season. Thus they are weakest, whereas the Controlling/Power element Metal is strongest, because it rules autumn. Do you see how subtle it is and how many variations there are in BaZi chart reading? Moreover, the Snake combines with the Roosters to make even more Metal and suppress the rivals.

The Chinese Astrology reading clearly shows that Richelieu’s destiny is way easier and there are not powerful enemies who are stronger than him. Even if there were such, they are out of season, out of the comfort zone and at a disadvantage and the native is in there.

The Rabbit is the most devastating symbol in Richelieu’s horoscope, and when it comes disasters are sure to follow. This is because the Rabbit is the Rival of the Yang Wood. Each of the 10 Stems has a zoidion/branch that is its Rival. Since it is a strong self chart with rivals, the Rival is most unfavourable.

Richelieu’s natal chart was in a Rabbit cycle and the native even died on a Rabbit day – double whammy. Thus both Rabbits clashed away the two Roosters – beauty in its simplicity!

Sure, the Pig month added more Wood and the Horse year of death added Fire, further controlling Metal, but that is so minor compared to that most devastating combination.

The importance of the mundane fate: obstacles need to be removed before the native succeeds

Now is the time to emphasize how crucial the mundane fate is and how eminence and whole lives are subordinated to it. This is all the more noticeable the further up the hierarchy one reaches because then one has fewer and fewer persons to deal with, BUT if they do not like the native for whatever reason, including envy, then they either become enemies or do not support the native.

Richelieu was such a man. For whatever reason, he was hostile to Morin. So do you see the enormous determination of fate, as revealed by Chinese Astrology?

In short, Cardinal Richelieu had to die before Jean Baptiste Morin could reach his peak. Moreover, remember the natal promise of Morin. I mean that he will make it big in his second part of life – the Rooster or Monkey cycle. But for this to happen, Richelieu also has to be dead as well. Of course, all that is prefigured, predetermined in the natal charts chosen before birth. The adept astrologer is merely able to recognize that during the BaZi chart reading.

Winning the prize of the longitudes: the peak of Morin’s life

On to the next event. The Monkey cycle finally came, in July 1644:

8 Apr 1645 – Morin was given the prize of the Longitudes after 11 years. He was also given today’s equivalent of a $10,000 per month pension for the rest of his life, and also received $60,000.

8 Apr 1645 – given the prize of the Longitudes after 11 years

Now, THAT is what I am talking about! Talk about repetition and the natal promise of the Four Pillars of Destiny reading. That is simply fate, there is no other word.

For those that do not know, the Yin Wood Rooster year, for Morin (and for anyone, unless they live over 120 years!) last came in 1585 – once in 60 years. Therefore this was Morin’s last chance. The Yang Metal Dragon month comes once every 60 months – 5 years. But even if it comes, the year would not be Yin Wood Rooster, though the day or hour could be. But that is way weaker.

The point is this combination, which could not transform into Metal, is now completely transformed. This done twice – once in the natal chart – present in the Day and Hour Pilllars and in this period as well. Let me repeat what the BaZi chart reading promises, because that is the absolute peak in the life of 17th century French astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin:

“Is extremely auspicious. It suggests a special skill, way of thinking or position in society”.

The Rooster as a star:

It has to do wit literature and writing, music and art, astronomy and astrology, physiognomy, medicine and psychology, culture and education, rhetoric, calligraphy and design”.

And the Yin Wood Rooster:

“Easy achieving of fame”. Then it says: “…..if the native receives support from favourable elements or is the chart is a strong self, then they will have a valuable destiny.”

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Monkey from the cycle did not combine with the Dragon to make a Partial Three Harmony Water combination. This was because the cardinal Water symbol. the Rat was absent. The point here is not so much whether the combination made Water but that the Monkey is one of the most favourable branches in Morin’s chart, because it clashes the most negative Tiger/Rob Wealth.

Keep in mind the sentence about support. Metal, of course, represents the Power/Influence element and book 21 says:

“Morin enlisted the support of Duke d’Arles and Prince de Conde and other important nobles, he submitted the report to the Royal Council with intention of obtaining the financial reward that had been originally been promised. At last a favourable decision was reached.”

I searched for the birth data of these two gentlemen, but only found those of Prince de Conde. I am not sure if it is him, but it has to be him. I mean, he lived in the same century, in the same country and city and in fact in the same period – during the 30 Years War in Europe.

Now, would you like to guess whether the Prince’s natal chart contains Metal, so as to be sympathetic to Morin’s?

He was born on 8 Sep 1621, no hour:

Louis Prince de COnde 8 Sep 1621

Not just 1 but 2 Roosters, and the year Morin received this help was the Yin Wood Rooster of course.

Jean Baptiste Morin’s death as seen from his Chinese Astrology horoscope

The last event is Jean Baptiste Morin’s death as seen from Chinese Astrology:

BaZi day and time of death 6 nov 1656 2 am

Taken from:

“Raizin reports that Morin died of a fever “on the 6th of November, 1656, at 2 in the morning” having shown himself to be aware of his impending death the month before, whilst in good health. Unfortunately the historical source of this report is not given in Raitzin’s article, which is available online at . It is said that Morin, then aged 73, smiled at his doctor’s attempts to save him, because he had already seen the certainty of his death in his stars.”

Morin was in the Goat cycle, which is highly unfavourable. The BaZi chart reading shows there are several indications, only the last one of them is possibly good. First the Yang Fire in the Monkey combined away the positive Yin Metal and transformed into Water – the protection was removed.

Second, the day and hour are of course way less important. The 2 Goats, the natal and cycle one either clashed away the 2 Oxen, or completed the Bullying Punishment of the Goat the Ox and the Dog. The latter configuration is Earth based – another unfavourable element. The rivals were fighting for the Wealth as well, without the Metal being strong enough to stop them.

Third, whether the Earth drained the Fire, or the Full Metal Combination of the Rooster, Monkey and Dog did it, Fire was imbalance. Thus the native died, or at least one of the symptoms was – a fever, connected with the Fire element.


It has been a pleasure writing this article on BaZi chart reading. It so happens that it is within 2 weeks of Jean Baptiste Morin’s day of death. I have learned a lot from him and would like to thank the translators Richard Baldwin and James Holden for giving me the opportunity to read Morin’s work in English.

Readers should now have a decent idea about how powerful and unbelievably accurate Chinese Astrology can be. I barely restrained myself from including delineations from Ancient Astrology.

I would love to see Jean Baptiste Morin’s face and palm, so I can read at least some major features on them using Chinese Physiognomy. Such are the risks, though, of choosing to write about historical figures.

Written in October 2015

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