Astrology and fame s

Astrology and Fame

This article is about Astrology and massive fame, in the sense that that Ancient and Chinese Astrology consider fame in a very different way compared to how the media and society understand it.

Every once in a while during a conversation a “famous” name comes up, which the other person cannot believe I have not heard of, a let alone know fine details about. “How come you have not heard of him/her”?

Then, after hearing my response, the person will either:

  • Think I am faking it
  • Insist that I simply inform myself about this celebrity
  • Understand where I am coming from (by far the rarest)

Astrology and fame vs the short-term media focus on a given person

A major reason why such a big discrepancy exists between the other people and me is because they view success and fame the way the media does. In other words, they focus on someone while he/she is getting more and more famous. Obviously, a number of variations exist here, but what I am concerned with is ephemeral or regular, middle fame. I am talking about people either whose fame does not last or it is not comparable to the fame of the great ones in the field.

So the problem is that people focus on the short term perception and media image as opposed to the lasting impressions the celebrity in question leaves in the minds of the public.

Coming from Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics, I obviously view fame in a vastly different manner than the general population. After all, the above disciplines deal with the Eternal Laws under which this world functions.  As a natural consequence of this, any fame worth knowing about, particularly when involving subjects one is not interested in (for example, I am not interested in modern music or cinema, etc), had better be enormous if one is to insist that the person who they talk to must know about it.

How many of these “stars” that one is supposed to know about would be remembered, let alone venerated/worshiped, in say 100 years? How about 500 years? How about 1000 years?

Astrology and fame

Examples of fame which lasts centuries or millennia

Have you at least heard of some of these names then:

  • Nechepso
  • Petosiris
  • Hermes Trismegistus
  • Claudius Ptolemy
  • Vettius Valens
  • Dorotheus of Sidon
  • Firmicus Maternus
  • Abu Mashar
  • Masha’allah
  • Umar al Tabarri
  • Guido Bonatti
  • Regiomontanus
  • Jean Baptiste Morin
  • William Lilly

Here are the Chinese ones:

  • Fu Xi
  • King Wen
  • the Yellow Emperor
  • Xu Zi Ping
  • Wang Min Ying
  • Jing Tu
  • Hsu Jen Wang
  • Guo Po
  • Yang Yun Son
  • Shen Zhu Reng
  • Chen Xiyi
  • Shao Kangjie

What all these (and dozens more I can list) have in common is they all dealt with Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics. Not just that, but they are known for elaborating, preserving and contributing to the tradition they inherited, or perhaps invented. Some of  the works of the majority of them survive up to this day, and they are all hundreds or thousands of years old. It is such lasting fame and success that I have in mind when someone starts telling me about how “famous” someone is how come I have not heard of them.


It is a big, big world, after all, with lots of fame areas. There is a place for everyone under the Sun. Of course, the level of fame one will reach depends upon the eminence of their horoscope as well as how well they utilize the Cosmic Trinity of Chinese Metaphysics.

My usual thanks to this website for the lovely free pictures (a representation of an anonymous person):

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