Angelina Jolie's chart

Angelina Jolie’s Chart with Medieval and Hellenistic Astrology

Angelina Jolie’s chart is among the most frequently discussed in the astrological community. And this is quite normal, considering who she is, how rich, attractive and how high she has reached at such a young age.

Friends and clients have often asked me what a royal horoscope looks like: what exactly in a chart makes a person stand out from the masses? Also, how great can fame be, and can Medieval Astrology show this?

Angelina Jolie/Lara Croft and the Astrology connection

These days I re-watched Angelina Jolie’s movies “Tomb Raider” and “The Cradle of Life”. I saw them when they came out in 2001 and 2003 respectively, but back then I was not into Astrology. There are three reasons why I am bringing those specific movies up:

1)     Despite all the never ending battle scenes, the essence of the films concerns the whole of humanity, the ultimate power and the ability to time travel and thus get to change the timeline and have power over death;

2)     They naturally contain Astrology, specific mundane planetary configurations, and all the things that come with it: pre-determination, wisdom through fated experiences and knowledge hidden from the public and as such are a must see by all practitioners of this Art.

3)     They depict remarkably well the life of Angelina Jolie. In other words, she was born for these movies; there is not anyone on the planet that can better impersonate the main character of Lara Croft, which she plays.

Angelina Jolie’s chart

The following astrologicial analysis contains selected topics which serve to highlight some parts of Angelina Jolie’s life. A full delineation using Medieval and Hellenistic natal Astrology is neither sought nor offered.

Angelina Jolie's chart

Chart calculated with Delphic Oracle software, the best program for traditional Astrology in the world.

Angelina’s temperament

The temperament is, of course, the starting point in Medieval Natal Astrology. This chart is very tricky. If one were to mechanically add testimonies, Angelina Jolie’s chart would show a Choleric with a strong Sanguine strain. However, this is demonstrably not the case. The temperament is a mixture of Phlegmatic and Choleric. However, the Sanguine is also noticeable due to the Sanguine planet Jupiter which is the most elevated in chart, among things which shall be elaborated on.

What does one do when it is a close call between two humours? One looks at the fundamental blocks. Cancer Ascendant with L1 Moon in Aries, but it is phlegmatic as it is in 3rd Qtr and as L1 is the Moon her intrinsic qualities are considered and she is cold and moist. Venus is not only in the 1st, but partile conjunct the Asc in a phlegmatic sign and the Goddess of Love is cold and moist and thus phlegmatic planet, as far as temperament is concerned. Yes, Luna is in a fire stellium, including her dispositor and Asc exaltation ruler, but this is secondary and so are her aspects to Mercury, the Sun (both hot and moist) and Saturn (cold and moist).

Adding to this that the Lord of her Manners is Venus, one can see that the phlegmatic temperament in Jolie is stronger and more pronounced than the choleric. This is why Angelina Jolie’s chart indicates she will express her temperament in a playful, caring, soft, effeminate, obsessive, attention seeking and connecting way 1. Venus is feral though and, with this birth time, is above the horizon which weakens her in a diurnal chart. Being unaspected indicates something unusual.

It is worth noting also that Venus is almost at its maximum elongation from the Sun which puts further emphasis on her significations in this chart. If she were in a masculine sign and thus ex-condicione, I could have said that Jolie is very lusty, undisciplined, not observing boundaries and giving in to pleasures, addictions and the easy way. As phlegmatics are known for being lethargic, giving in to pleasure, indolence, slow starters and having difficulty fighting their desire nature and motivating themselves, add to this that the Asc is in phlegmatic sign, a phlegmatic planet in a phlegmatic sign is conjunct it and you will see why she was a drug addict 2.

So what happens when somebody has systematically so much so pleasure that their brain receptors in charge of the pleasure sensations get stimulated to an excess? Such people require extreme doses of pleasure, in whatever form, but especially producing a lot of the hormones of happiness, such as sex, drugs, extreme emotional states causing euphoria, such as extreme sports, dangers etc. “At 14, she had her first boyfriend move in with her at her mother’s house. She began body-cutting in order to “feel something emotionally” but felt that she had herself together by the time she was 16”.3 Note that  not only did she have a boyfriend at such an early age, but it was serious. When the lord of the Asc applies to the lord of the 7th House, and L1 is the lighter planet (as it is in her chart with the Moon applying to the sinister square of Saturn), it shows the native wants to copulate with the partner.

However, Venus is dignified by triplicity and even though Jolie has demonstrated most of the above qualities, she is above all known for her love, compassion and nurturing of children. Venus is after all not only the universal significator of pleasure and sex but one of the universal significators of children. Being in the term of Saturn brings a note of sobriety and discipline.

Personal happiness, family, and relationships in Jolie’s life

Angelina’s need for emotional security is expressed through the Aries Moon, which gives her impetuosity, passion, a desire to live on the edge, to take chances. She feels most happy when she is physically active, when she feels everything is ok emotionally, when she takes charge of situations. Angelina Jolie’s chart shows she will realize this primary motivation, as Luna is angular and in aspect with her dispositor who is in honour.

Angelina will be disappointed by her marriage partners and there will be obstacles by hidden enemies as the Moon is squared by a nasty detrimented Saturn. There will be quarrels and fights for superiority (note the moveable signs both on the horizon axis and in L1 and L7). Angelina Jolie’s chart shows that she will ultimately divorce, due her partners’ doing, not hers. She will no be very fcoused  on the physical part of life only (Angelina has trained martial arts, collects knives and does many other dangerous things as those who have seen these two movies know), but intellectually as well because L1 is in the terms of Mercury.

The exaltation ruler Jupiter will also realize the primary motivation, but there will be attempts to obstruct that, again from Saturn. The same with Mars, one of the triplicity rulers. Venus is an interesting case because she is the only one of the ASC rulers, that are able to realize what they promise, not aspected by the Greater malefic. Still, they are in the same sign but she is separating from him. This means that, as far as Venus is concerned, Angelina Jolie’s chart shows that throughout her life diseases and hidden enemies will try and obstruct her, but she will get away more and more the older she becomes.

This Venus is L4 and the 4th House rules family. Venus is a benefic and in honour so Angelina Jolie’s chart indicates she benefits from her family. Venus is one of the professional significators in Jolie’s chart and she signifies acting, dancing and the arts. Both her parents were actors and helped her professionally. Venus is the ruler of the Lot of Fortune which is the Financial Significator of Angelina and shows how she will be making her money. Venus is a benefic, dignified and naturally bestows.

As a result of this and her own skills and otherfactors, indicating the extremely high lievel her chart works on, which shall be elaborated on, she became the most paid and successful actress in the world. The Lot of Fortune is in the 11th which indicates that as well as through acting Jolie will make money through her friends and social causes. Another important factor contributing to her great wealth is the ruler of the Place of Acquisition, namely Jupiter who is the Greater benefic, the natural significator of wealth and in this chart is in dignity, not only angular but partile conjunct the MC, in sect, in hayz and received.

What will be the focus of her life during its three parts

The first third of life of the American actress will be focused on herself, having fun, dealings with friends and an active social life, as well as her family, especially the mother.

The second third of Jolie’s life will be focused on her career, conflicts abroad, foreign travel, and children. Her career and reputation will be harmed by partners and hidden enemies, but will remain and grow stronger.

Angelina Jolie’s last third of life will see her focused on herself. She will also be before the public and will gain their sympathy because of her own character, nurturing, dealing with the foreigners of the common people and spirituality. Hidden enemies will try and obstruct her again and as this concerns the L1 and a possible Hyleg 4, it is very likely that she will suffer from an illness.

All the triplicity rulers of the Asc are strong, so they will realize her primary motivation for emotional security, according to their natures, dignities and local determination – Venus for the first third of life, Mars for the second and Luna for the last.

Angelina Jolie’s chart: the relationships with her parents

It is clear that Angelina gets along with her mother much better than she does with her father. The Moon L1 is partile or, at least, tightly conjunct the Lot of the Mother at 13.54 Aries as well as its dispositor and Luna’s own ruler Mars, at 10.42 Aries. If one uses the 4/10th House approach for parents, Mars is still the significator of the mother as he rules the 10th House and is in the 10th sign.

If one uses the 4th House for the parents then it is not 100% clear which one is which, especially for the father. In this case, the mother is Venus, as she is a female planet, in a female sign and domicile ruler of the IC and significator of the mother in diurnal charts, as is this one, and though L1, which is the Moon and there is an overlap here, does not aspect Venus, it disposes it, so there is a connection.

If one uses the Sun, as it is the universal significator for the father in a day chart, then her relationship with him is not that bad, compared to the one with Saturn, as the Sun receives L1 in its own exaltation and L1 applies to a sinister partile sextile to it. Yet the Sun is in the 12th with Whole Sign Houses, which indicates a missing father (her parents were divorced when Angelina was only 2 years old) or that he is her secret enemy.

If one uses Saturn, as I would do, as he is the Almuten of the IC, is a significator of the father, and is in aspect with the Moon, and she receives him and thus he has the greatest testimony of signifying the father. In this case, as Saturn is in the 12th House, the father is her secret enemy and has an extremely strong influence on pretty much her whole life. This is because Saturn squares the 3 planet Aries stellium and conjuncts the antiscion of the Sun. What further inclines me to consider Saturn as the father is that, in Angelina’s father’s chart, Saturn is rising in Aries, where he is in fall, and is in the term of Venus, while in her chart Saturn is in the 1st sign in detriment in Cancer and in the triplicity of Venus while Venus is in the terms of Saturn and so is the Asc.

Jolie’s relationships with her partners

This nasty Saturn rules the Dsc and 8th House and is in hidden conjunction with the Sun. Thus, Angelina Jolie’s chart indicates, among other things, that at least one of her partners will be older (Bob Thornton whom she married and later divorced is 19 years older), there will be separation with him, he will have financial problems and she will lose money because of him.

On the other hand, the Almuten of the 7th is Mars. He is in his domicile which indicates a powerful person, both physically and in terms of influence and prestige. Thus Mars corresponds with Brad Pitt (Brad himself has an exalted Mars). Note that Mars rules the 5th House of children, the 10th of careeer and is in the 9th – her relationship with him is centred upon their careers (L1 the Moon in conjunction with Mars who disposes it; I remember at least one movie where they played together), their children, as well as foreign children (L5 is in the 9th which is the 5th from the 5th). As Mars is dignified and the Moon is peregrine, Angelina Jolie’s chart shows Brad Pitt is more powerful than her.

Angelina Jolie’s chart: eminence, rank of fame, and Almutem Figuris

Even with a mere glance at this nativity and, of course knowing the rules of natal Medieval and Hellenistic Astrology, I am stunned by its eminence.

  • Both Luminaries in masculine signs
  • The Moon conjunct the MC
  • The Sun in the most fortunate House, namely the 11th
  • The Moon in Aries, thus doubly received by the Sun and in applying sinister sextile

Argue immediately for a chart of Ptolemy’s 1 or 2.

  • Furthermore, the Sun which is the Luminary of the time, has Jupiter, the Greater benefic, who partilely is conjunct the MC, as an angular bodyguard, whom on top of that the Sun receives in its exaltation and applies to him with a dexter sextile. Jupiter is also dignified by triplicity, is in sect and in hayz.
  • Mars is in the 9th using Quadrant Houses but is the domicile ruler of the 10th.
  • Again, the Sun receives  his doryphory – Mars, who is in honour and they are in aspect, albeit separating, but Jupiter will collect the light of both and thus connect them again in the future 5.
  • The Sun is the Almuten of the 10th House of carreer and destiny as well.
  • Thus two of the three superiors – Mars and Jupiter, are in honour, are configured with the MC, bodyguard the Luminary of the sect and are oriental, which is extremely important in this technique as are the dexter aspects although to a lesser degree.
  • The Moon has Mars as an oriental doryphory, but he is her dispositor which helps a lot
  • Jupiter and Mercury as occidental bodyguards which is the preferred way for her, as is Saturn (although she receives him, it is somewhat in half as she is in his fall, so he still afflicts her).

Judging whether Angelina Jolie’s chart is category 1 or 2, I ‘d say it is 2. The reasons is because Saturn does not aspect the Sun (Ptolemaic aspects) and even if it did, he is occidental.  Even if one uses Whole Sign Houses he ‘d be angular but then the Sun would be cadent and in the malefic 12th House. If Saturn and the Sun had been in the 11th or 1st both in Quadrant and Whole Sign Houses, I could have considered it as category 1. Then I would have also added the obvious testimony of rank of fame – namely L1 in 10th House, which in this case the Moon conjuncts the House cusp, which magnifies her power a lot.

Almutem Figuris

It is here that I must add the enormous importance of the Almutem Figuris. 6 I mean, how that planet, which is reported to have the power of all other planets put together and is the ruler of the native’s path through life, ties in with his/her destiny.

Angelina Jolie’s chart reveals that Jupiter her Almutem Figuris. To have this crucial planet available, i.e. angular, beholding the ASC, strong, in dignity, received and in aspect with L1, and exalted ruler of the Asc, thus giving the native the opportunity to work freely and openly pursue their destiny is very, very rare indeed. On top of that, Jupiter is the most elevated planet in the chart. In other words, when people perceive Angelina the first thing they see is Jupiter. So he is in sect, in hayz, partilely conjunct the MC, ruling the 9th and 6th House.

So Angelina will be walking in her destiny the most when she deals with children, (she has 4 and has adopted 3 foreign children; note L5 Mars is in the 9th.) when she teaches, when she pursues wisdom, when she bestows upon others, when she acts as an example toward others, when she deals with charity, truth, justice, when she travels abroad, when she is of service and dealing with employees and when she leads and embarks in all of these areas in an active, forthright, risky trailblazing way. Both her open and hidden enemies will oppose Angelina Jolie’s destiny. The reason for this is Saturn rules the 7th and is in the 12th. But Jolie will receive help, as I already said. Help will come from one of her marriage partners, namely Brad Pitt.

To these I must add the Lot of Hyleg, which is in the 5th House at 8.38 Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. Therefore Angelina Jolie’s chart shows she was born to deal with children and entertainment. And as the Lot is opposed by the Sun and trined by L1 and the Almuten of the 7th, this again reinforces how powerful people oppose her destiny and how one of her husbands helps her.

Moreover, the Head of the Dragon is in the 5th House in Angelina’s natal chart, which shows gains from children and entertainment. And as its dispositor Jupiter is in honour and the most elevated planet, partilely conjunct the MC, Angelina will fame and benefit through her children. Her relationship with them is extremely harmonious as is seen by the dispositor of the Lot of Children at 28.55 Libra – Venus. She is also conjunct the ASC and disposited by L1, as well as L5 Mars receiving L1 the Moon.

The Lot of Faith is also very important. It is in the 3rd House and 4th sign, at 8.12 Libra and its dispositor Venus in conjunct the Asc. This shows that the topics of travel, siblings and death are crucial for Angelina’s spiritual wellbeing. (She has admitted how she is in love with her brother and that: “”I also think I’m very drawn to some things that are tradition, that are roots, and I think that may be why I focused on funerals.

Indications of eminence and fame in Angelina Jolie’s horoscope with Hellenistic Astrology

There are 3 major ones:

1)     The Sun, which is the sect Light, is with the Lot of Exaltation and both are with their dispositor Mercury;

2)     The Sun, Mercury and the Lot of Exaltation are in the 10th from Spirit, which Mercury disposes;

3)     Although the Sun is in the malefic and cadent 12th House, by Whole Sign Houses, two of its trigon lords are in angles – Saturn and Jupiter. Note that the Greater benefic Jupiter, who is by far the most important planet in the chart, is in an overcoming square to Saturn. This strengthens him further against the Greater malefic. This is even without considering the fact that Jupiter is dignified and receives Saturn who is cadent and in detriment. Jupiter is pro life, while Saturn works against the life. Jupiter bestows and shares, while Saturn takes, denies isolates from others. Jupiter is after truth and justice, Saturn is after personal gain, treachery, torture, misery, cruelty, power over others etc.

I must also add the Lot of Basis which falls at 29 Scorpio in the 5th House. It thus reinforces the significations of the Medieval Lot of Hyleg. I mean the fact that it is children, entertainment, as well as daring and physical activities that are Angelina’s fundament in this life.

So what is Angelina Jolie famous for and will her fame last?

She is/will be famous for travelling, writing, communicating, her physical prowess, aggression, hastiness, children, charity and compassion. The fame will last but will be tarnished by tricky secret enemies who become or pose as her friends. Or it could be the other way around: by friends who become her secret enemies. This is due to Mercury who is the dispositor of the Sun, and although in its own sign and triplicity, is under the beams and retrograde between the 11th and 12th House, and going towards combustion.

Mercury is the trickster, the liar, the slanderer, and as he is invisible these are vicious, cunning people, who are difficult to spot and expose. Mercury is occidental and in a masculine sign: they are males. The Messenger rules universally all sorts of communication and travel and in this chart he rules the 3rd of rumours, news and siblings, so there is reinforcing of its significations, therefore Angelina’s fame will suffer from these as well. The fame will last because of the strength of the bodyguards of the Sun and because both benefics are in dignity and partile conjunct the most powerful angles.

Moreover, the strong bodyguards, namely Mars and Jupiter and even L1, which after all represents the native, are in an overcoming position to Saturn. This is extremely important, as two of them are triplicity lords of the ASC and Jupiter is the Almutem Figuris. I should also add that Venus who is Lady of the IC, which rules the family, death and the end of life. She in the ASC, which makes Jolie famous for these plus her acting skills, as Venus is one of the professional significators. So Angelina Jolie will be famous and in a good way after she dies.

Striking similarities between Angelina Jolie’s horoscope and her Lara Croft role in the two movies

I will conclude with some striking similarities between Angelina Jolie’s figure and her roles in the above mentioned movies:

1) Note that Angelina is referred to as “Lady Croft”, lives in a castle, has servants and is very wealthy. Now how many movies have you seen where a non-royal person, especially female, is referred to as “Lady”? Read again Jolie’s Eminence and Rank of Fame indications and compare it to Ptolemy’s and Valens’ descriptions.

2) She is both beautiful and sexy (Venus conjunct the Asc) and at the same time the perfect warrior: cunning, athletic, skilled in physical combat, active, self-confident (Mars ruler of the 10th is in honour, conjuncts and disposits L1 the Moon)

3) She travels all over the globe and meets various cultures who possess wisdom and hidden knowledge. Jupiter is Almutem Figuris, is in the 10th of actions and career and rules the 9th of foreigners, distant travel and mysteries. Note that she interacted with a Chinese little girl who helped her. Jupiter, the universal significator of children, is in Aries, as is the ruler of the House of children, Mars, and of the four directions Aries shows east. All her adopted children in her real life come from the east

4) There is something secretive about her father and he has been missing for many years – either the Sun in the 12th using Whole Sign Houses or Saturn in the 12 using Quadrant ones. Her father belongs to a top secret society called the “Illuminati”. The 12th House rules secret societies. Note that her own father – John Voight – plays the part!

5) Lara benefits in her profession from her servants – L6 is the Greater benefic Jupiter who is conjunct the 10th House of career. Note that both of them are male and Jupiter is a masculine planet in the masculine sign Aries.

6) Her partner becomes her hidden enemy – note how in first movie Powell presented himself as a decent and honourable person, offered a partnership but turned out to be a rotten traitor, tried to kill her and take the artifact and was extremely corrupted by absolute power – Saturn, the planet of feigned appearances, is in detriment, rules the 7thof partners and is in the 12th of hidden enemies..

7) Her former partner and lover comes back after she searches him out (L1 the Moon is the lighter planet than the Almuten of the 7th and thus the more interested) and it is through his specific help that she fulfils her destiny abroad, having to do with mysteries, wisdom and humbleness. Jupiter is Almutem Figuris. Lara could have taken the Box and have absolute power but she thought of humanity and chose wisely. “Some secrets are not meant to be found” she said to the shaman, reminding herself of what he told her prior to embarking on her journey of searching for Pandora’ Box.

L1 the Moon has separated from the Almuten of the 7th of partnerships – Mars. He is in the 9th, rules the 10th of destiny and actions. Jupiter is L9 though (the 9th House signifies mysteries, wisdom, God, foreign travel, foreigners) collects the light of Luna first and then Mars and brings them back together. Note that Mars disposes the Moon therefore the Moon is dependent upon Mars to fulfil her significations.

Pay attention that Mars is in the 10th using Whole Sign Houses and in the 9th in Quadrant – the 10th is the 4th from the 7th and shows, among other things, that native’s partner has experiences in prison and the 9th is foreigners. Lara’s partner is a foreigner or met abroad – Lara Croft, who is English, met Terry, who is Scottish, and thus a foreigner, and found him in a prison in an eastern country (again Mars is in Aries and Aries shows east). What is Terry (Mars) interested mostly in? Mars is in its own sign, so he cares mostly about himself. Mars is a malefic, egoistic, individual planet. Terry ended up preferring the unique artefact over Lara, as Mars is interested in profit, plunder and generally takes. Mars is in the exaltation of the Sun and the Sun rules unique objects, among other things.


I think this should do for now. I can go on and on but it is as obvious as can be that Angelina Jolie’s life matches Lara Croft’s in a way that is simply breathtaking.

So there you have it. A royal chart with Luminaries above the horizon, at least one of them angular, in masculine signs. Especially the Sun, which is crucial as far as fame is concerned. It has strong bodyguards, (except for Saturn). It has strong and dignified benefics, partilely conjunct the Asc and MC. Angelina Jolie’s natal chart has just one or two indications of slavery. Namely: Saturn in the 12th and the Moon in aspect with the two malefics although their malice is ameliorated as Mars receices her and she receives Saturn. A very rare chart indeed!

1 I have not tried to rectify the time, as an absolutely correct birth time is not needed for this article and the angle positions are not in doubt. The ASC is undoubtedly Cancer, as is easily seen by her plump body structure, large breasts and lips. A phlegmatic can never have the muscular bulges of a choleric. The issue here is whether Venus is above the horizon, as this time suggests, or below. So much emphasis is placed on this planet as it is not only a phlegmatic, nocturnal, feminine one, but it also is the primary means through which Angelina expresses her temperament. I’d say that Venus is above the horizon.

[2] It is worth noting, for those who do not possess ancient astrological knowledge, that the combinations are endless. For example, one can still be a phlegmatic even without having a phlegmatic (water) Asc. Or a person can have a phlegmatic planet in the Asc, regardless of whether that planet would be in a phlegmatic sign. Or one could have a phlegmatic temperament, but express it through a choleric planet, such as Mars. Also, one could have a melancholic temperament and express it through a sanguine planet such as Jupiter. There are special rules that practitioners of  Medieval Natal Astrology follow when calculating temperament and the Lord of Manners. In other words, it is predetermined, there is no guessing or “intuition” and there is always only one true answer.

Furthermore, there are a few temperament formulas. Please bear in mind that the astrological formula for the temperament has nothing in common with the one used by psychologists.

3 I have taken all the data on Angelina Jolie from:,_Angelina

4 As I am not her personal astrologer, nor has she given me permission to do this, I will not calculate Angelina Jolie’s length of life and thus determine the length of the thirds of life. Otherwise each third of life is agreed upon to last 25-30 years.

5 This is a very deep and complex chart in terms of the chronological aspectogram, i.e. the time when the aspects are perfected in the nativity, all their relationships through dignity, reception as well and what this all entails. However, this is not the purpose of this article.

[6] Do not mistaken the Almutem Figuris for the so called Lord of the Geniture. The former is at least 2000 years old and only two people in history, so far, have given how to calculate it. The latter is a Renaissance Astrology technique. Both are calculated in a different way and thus can be different planets in the same chart.

In order that there be no confusion, I write it with its Latin name (which means Ruler or strongest planet in the chart) and write the second one with the name “geniture” not chart. This is only because in the last 100 years the notion of “ Ruler of the Chart” has been automatically taken to mean the ruler of the Asc. This is the ultimate shame and shows the bottom which modern Astrology has reached and what scant pieces of information it works with.

Written in September 2011

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