Astrology is common sense s

Ancient Astrology is Common Sense

Those of us that practise our science know that Ancient Astrology is common sense. I am writing this article based on an unfortunate event that happened these days.

Ancient Astrology is common sense

When sharpening a knife, people point the blade away from their body. Why do they do that? So as not to cut themselves, of course. It seems so natural and common sense. And it is. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that a person will surely cut themselves if they keep the blade towards their body. However, why take the risk when you can easily avoid it?

It so happened that a few ago a woman I know cut her hand severely while sharpening a knife. She did so while pointing the blade towards her body. She rushed into hospital, got several stitches and was told that the cut had almost reached her tendon. If she had cut her tendon, she would have probably been partially disabled.

Now, it is easy to criticize after the fact. Someone could say: why the hell would she do that? Does she not know how to sharpen a knife? Or, does she not have a man to do it for her? I don’t know that, and pointing fingers is not the purpose of this article. What is important is where this common sense comes from and how it ties in with Ancient Astrology.

Well, that Astrology is common sense has always been taken for granted. At least until 100 years ago, when psychological astrology was developed and many astrologers no longer could distinguish events happening in real life vs internal, subjective conditions. The woman did not dream of a knife and cut herself in her dream. This event happened in real life. And it actually hurt a lot.

The star of Mars and knives

People take this knowledge, and any other knowledge for granted, when it is based on thousands of years of experience. Likewise with Ancient Astrology. The star of Mars rules war, knives, sharp objects, hot objects, events happening abruptly, etc. The star of Mars is a malefic planet in Ancient Astrology. Malefic means contrary to life. It does not support life. Mars cuts, steals, lies, swears false oaths, separates people, rapes, banishes, kills.

Of course, the star of Mars does have positive qualities. There are many people who have succeeded because of them, (Donald Trump is one of them), but what this woman experienced was clearly not positive.


Astrology is common sense

This is why, in Ancient Astrology, based on a tradition observations spanning centuries or more, as well as divine revelation, astrologers want the malefic planets to be away from the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the rising image at the time of birth, that is, the intersection between the eastern horizon/earth and the ecliptic/heaven. The Ascendant represents one’s physical body.

Would we risk cutting, burning, or mutilating our body? Of course not.

If it came to war, would we risk waging war in our own country/body when we can wage in the enemy’s territory/some other body? Of course not.

Yet modern astrologers, who have lost any touch with objective reality, vehemently claim malefic planets do not exist in our science. This is madness.

I don’t have this woman’s chart, but it is crystal clear that the star of Mars was involved in the event by being activated in her horoscope.


I am writing this article on a day when it is 39 degrees Celsius outside. I am not going outside in such weather. I only ate light food and had plenty of fruits. I also cooled my body. Why did I do that? Because it is common sense: when it is summer/hot and dry to counter it with cold and wet. People have been doing that for millennia. It is the same with the knife and danger and Ancient Astrology: when we see a malefic get activated, we know there is trouble on the horizon.

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