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Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui: Malefics and Benefics

When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

John Lennon, musician and singer

This article discusses some fundamental laws of this reality. They are present in Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui. That there are many similarities between Ancient Astrology and Classical Feng Shui should not come as such a surprise. Of course, it also depends on the point of view. I mean, how come something that originated in the Hellenistic world would have similarities to something from China? However, since Chinese Astrology is inextricably linked to Feng Shui, and given that Astrology is generally concerned with Heaven Luck, it is quite normal to have significant similarities, at least on a fundamental level, between another type of Astrology and classical Feng Shui.

The delusion that everyone can achieve anything through their own efforts

Since few people are concerned with the eternal laws by which this world operates, and given the dilution of Knowledge in recent centuries, it is no surprise low level at which modern astrological and Feng Shui community is. Accordingly, human wishful thinking and trying to reinvent the wheel never ceases to amaze me. In the last few centuries it has been one movement or system or philosophy after the other. This is even more prevalent in the last 100 years.

In today’s Western values, as promulgated by the media and entertainment industry, the prevalent view is what I call “the American Dream”: everyone can make it big in life provided they are willing to work hard for it. Regardless of their background or character. Yes, there is some truth to this notion, but only just enough so as to ensnare people into pursuing that dream. It is similar to the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” in the USA Constitution. Yes, you can pursue it, but there is no guarantee you will get it. And what about the Now moment? Where does it go away?

The “American Dream” suffered a heavy blow over the past 20+ years

This ”American Dream” notion has suffered a heavy blow in the last 20+ years with the gradual disappearing of the middle class and the gap between the very wealthy and very poor widening considerably worldwide. Everyone can look up the statistics and see the purchasing power of the people going steadily downhill. More and more corporations have more wealth than whole countries.

My point is that unless someone turns to systems of knowledge that deal with the eternal principles of this reality, they can and will be very easily misled by notions such as the above one which can be very dangerous. Way too many people are suffering from low self-esteem or worse, like depression, lack of peace of mind, sickness and even despair, because they can’t succeed in this world.

To make it clear, I mean to succeed in a big, tangible, materialistic way that is as impressive as those in the spotlight, the role models etc. A type of way proportional to the hard work of the person desiring that status and a way that allows this person to attain a type of eminence or influence which is described as highly desirable by the media. By the way, note the media don’t have regular middle-type people as role models. I am talking about the so called stars or people of power who have thousands or millions followers behind them.

Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui on reaching a high level in society

Such systems of knowledge are Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics (Classical Feng Shui falling under one of its branches). These systems posit, but more importantly explain and prove, the exact opposite, that is, it is much more difficult to rise high in society, to become very powerful and wealthy. I am not even talking about reaching  higher, like someone with enormous influence, power. Let alone becoming a person with a role of shaping a given time period and even human history. People are NOT born equal and everyone has their own limitations, which is shown by their natal chart.

The reason this is so crucial to realize is that as Ancient Astrology and Classical Feng Shui deal with the fundamental principles of reality. These principles cannot be changed in any way whatsoever. Otherwise, of course we can talk about the exceptions. I mean: accidental benefics, high eminence, timeliness of stars, fortunate forms influencing the stars etc. With enough advanced astrological and Feng Shui knowledge and experience, the adept practitioner can slightly tweak these, but that is not the point. I am talking about the general rules which subordinate all others.

Malefic planets and stars are more powerful than the benefic ones

In regards to why it is so much harder to succeed in this world, it is because of the rules of this reality. One can call it a game, a school, etc. The rules show that malefic planets in Astrology and malefic/bad/anti-life stars in Classical Feng Shui are more powerful.  They even outnumber the benefic ones. I don’t want to digress, but in Jyotish/Indian Astrology, it is the same. In fact the malefics there are even more.

What is more, it is not just the malefics being more powerful, it is about certain specific conditions that have to be met in order for the chart to be considered belonging to an eminent or powerful or historical figure.

One can wonder why this is so? Why is the conventional badness stronger than conventional goodness?

Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui

To make it clear, by badness I mean: death, sickness, injury, poverty, divorce, lack of friends, ending of friendships, legal entanglements, slander, bareness, fear, injustice, scarcity, distrust, deceit, lying, manipulation, tyranny, destruction, stupidity, ingratitude, parasitism, etc.

By goodness, I mean: life, vitality, abundance, mutually beneficial relationships, friendships, alliances, affection, hope, justice, trust, honour, truth, peace, virtue, learning etc.

11th century Arabic astrologer and scientist Al Biruni is one of the sources of this list of meanings of the benefic and malefic planets.

By stronger I mean such qualities predominate and will continue to do so.

Any ideas about collective evolution or collective spiritual advancement are groundless

Any notions of collective evolution, spiritual collective advancement etc, simply have no basis whatsoever. They are nice ideas, notions that sound nice and pleasing, but that is it. One must always remember where a given principle is coming from – in that case – Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics about the malefics and malefics. These systems of knowledge are over 2,000 years old. The above groundless ideas are derived from some movements that are a few decades or centuries old at most. Not only that, but their worth and practicality, not to mention the ability to see the past and predict the future, are no match for Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics.

However, notice I am talking about the collective, not the individual of course! In other words, everyone is responsible for their own actions, their education, principles, life choices, manners. These things which fall under the Human Luck from the Cosmic Trinity in Chinese Metaphysics and as such are under the greatest control of a given individual.

Whether, or rather how much difference using that Human Luck will make in regards to realizing their big dream depends on Heaven Luck (deals with things which cannot be changed, like Astrology) and the Earth Luck (the environment, Feng Shui).

Why the fundamental laws of this world were created in this way

So why are the rules such? What is it that necessitates that reality be structured in such a way? It is a complex question and I am not going to elaborate. The reason is it deals with predetermination and choices made by one’s Higher Self (Soul) prior to embodiment. However, what it ultimately boils down to is…..yes, scarcity – one of the meanings of the malefic planets and stars.

In other words, when a person is thoroughly versed in Ancient Astrology and/or Classical Feng Shui and has examining hundreds and thousands of natal charts or physical locations, the following becomes crystal clear him/her. Eminent or powerful astrological charts and sites producing multimillionaires and/or powerful individuals are very rare. The shorter way is to understand the fundamental principles, that is, to comprehend on a deeper level that what you are studying is eternal and extremely powerful knowledge. The the whole world has been built be it and it follows Natural Law. That is one of the things I really love about Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics.

These 2 systems are like the Book of Life. One reads them, memorizes, understands them and then they start seeing how their rules and principles turn out to be correct all the time in the actual lives of people and places. In other words, the movements of the planets are predetermined and can be calculated for 5,000 years, which allows one to check when an eminent chart will be formed. And since mountains and rivers are thousands and more years old, one can check (although that is way trickier because the Qi is finite and one does not know how much of it will be depleted) for the external forms and calculate the internal formulas of Qi/Universal energy as to when there will be a  given location, direction and chart which produces eminent/powerful charts/people.

Not every person wants to reach a high level in society

There is another crucial matter which I want to address, namely that not everyone wants or cares to succeed in a big way in society. It is very dangerous for a person allow to be manipulated into accepting the contrasted way as touted by the media. I mean that people are in general either winners or losers. This is bald-faced lie! No one can judge or really understand and appreciate another person’s life path from the correct perspective because everyone has a different fate and destiny. Their fate is shown by their natal astrological chart as well as by the chart of the property they live in. This gives each person a unique character, perspective and predispositions.

While wealth, power, high visibility and to the will to succeed at all cost may be the most important for a lot of people, for other people they are not desirable, even if in some rare cases history shows they are attainable by them. Many other people value art, classical music, human relationships, being of service to the community or having a balanced existence etc, etc as the most important.

The foundations of Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui have nothing to do with their modern versions

Finally, I want to reiterate how vital it is to understand the fundamental principles of reality. However, when it comes to Astrology and Feng Shui, this can only be done by dealing with the original, classical texts and the rules based on them.

Modern astrology and New Age feng shui have no basis whatsoever. They are completely man made creations where, unsurprisingly, no distinction is made between malefic and benefic planets or stars or sectors. It is impossible to practise objectively without adhering to the time tested rules. The practitioner cannot hope to describe the past and predict the future if they cannot categorize any given event as life promoting or life robbing. And no, one does not need to believe, to create intent or use will in Ancient Astrology or Classical Feng Shui for them to work. In fact there is no need to see the clients for the practitioner to give very detailed descriptions, remedies and predictions. All that is needed is the birth details of the person in question and of their property.

I explain this because people or, worse, practitioners of modern astrology (psychological astrology or astrology after 1650) and modern feng shui (like Black Hat, using a Bagua mirror, using Feng Shui as interior design) have expectations. that are not grounded in the reality of Astrology and Feng Shui.

Unrealistic expectations of Ancient Astrology and Feng Shui

Ancient Astrology and Classical Feng Shui can accomplish a great deal, but they are not magic bullets/cures for everything. Moreover, it is not about changing one’s fate (impossible to do anyway, though knowing it one can locate and take advantage of the loopholes here and there) but understanding and accepting it. I will be writing about this in a future article.

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